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Artificial Grass

What better way to de-stress after a tedious workday or workweek than by hitting some golf balls? Now, you don’t have to be Tiger Woods just to justify having a mini golf course at home.

These days, having a time for rest and recreation is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And, when you take into consideration the enormous toll that work stress brings to your health, you’ll realize the pressing need to have a means of releasing all those negative vibes that you get from workplace problems.

In this case, we highly suggest you have a putting green installed in your yard.

Why Go For Putting Greens?

Artificial Grass

Putting greens are not only for your favorite hobby or sport. It can also improve the aesthetic appeal of lawns, which is perfect if your family loves to engage in some physical activities during rest days.

However, some property owners may find the idea of having putting greens installed in their lawns unpopular because of the cost involved in maintaining the lawn. But, we have a solution to this problem. Dreamscape Synthetic Grass & Pavers will install synthetic putting greens in your yard.

The synthetic putting green has a lot of wonderful benefits for you including:

Easy maintenance: Unlike natural grass, synthetic putting greens won’t take much of your time and energy just to keep them looking new and in tip-top shape. Because we only install top quality putting greens, you’re guaranteed to enjoy them for years with hardly any maintenance done.

Putting Greens

Affordability: Unlike pricey Bermuda grass that is commonly used in lawns, synthetic putting greens are relatively easier on the pockets. At a fraction of the cost of natural grass, you get a durable relaxation amenity that your family and guests will surely love.

Huge savings in utility expenses: As we’ve said, synthetic putting greens guarantee huge savings over time, since they require little maintenance efforts over long periods. In fact, you may only need to call us back for maintenance check after years of having your putting greens installed! Now, that easily translates to hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings.

Choose an Expert Installer of Putting Greens

Putting Greens

Our company is among the best in the country when it comes to bringing top notch putting greens to American lawns. For one, we have the best people in the industry who can efficiently install putting greens. Also, we care about what you have in mind, so whatever design you want and no matter the size you fancy for your putting greens, you can have them with our help.

We likewise use industry standard artificial grass straight from our partner company, Challenger Industries, the world leader in manufacturing environment-friendly artificial turf materials.

Among the best products of Challenger Industries include the EnvyLawn artificial turf that is guaranteed to turn your landscape, golf course, or children’s playground into a source of envy for your neighbors.

Another quality product from Challenger Industries is the DuraPlay artificial turf products that are made from the highest quality materials. These are perfect for football and soccer fields, batting cages, putting greens, and many more.

The best thing is that DuraPlay and EnvyLawn turfs are 100 percent recyclable and thus, environment-friendly.

So, call us today for inquiries on how you could avail of our top notch and highest quality synthetic putting greens.

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